Dr. Sarah Hallberg, DO – Carb Restriction as a Sustainable Diabetes Treatment

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Carbohydrate restriction has been used to treat diabetes for over 100 years. Medication became the focus of treatment in the 20th century, but the side effects and costs have made that sole solution untenable. As a result, a renewed focus on carbohydrate restriction has emerged. 

In this presentation, Dr. Sarah Hallberg walks through the physiology behind the effective use of this diabetes treatment. She also discusses the outcomes of a program with 500+ participants that she and her colleagues conducted for Indiana University Health. Not only did those who followed the low-carb recommendation lose weight; many were cured of Type 2 diabetes as well. Hallberg notes that after one year, “60% of the patients with Type 2 diabetes had reversed their diabetes,” and 83% of participants were able to adhere to the diet.

With more than 50% of adults in the United States suffering from diabetes or prediabetes and health-care costs on the rise, Hallberg claims we are collectively experiencing a “slow suicide under the direction of bad advice.” To make the necessary changes, she insists, we have to band together and remember we have science on our side.

Speaker bio:

Dr. Sarah Hallberg, DO, is the medical director at Virta Health, which has developed the first clinically proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse Type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery.

As a physician and exercise physiologist with a passion for helping people be healthy through diet and exercise, she is responsible for providing medical supervision to Virta’s expert team of physicians and oversees the clinical strategy for Virta Clinic participants.

Before joining Virta, Hallberg founded the Indiana University Arnett Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program, for which she still serves as medical director. Her clinic served as the host for Virta’s clinical trial. She is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and she previously served as an internal medicine physician at Indiana University Health for six years.

An expert on metabolic control and Type 2 diabetes, Hallberg is the executive director of The Nutrition Coalition, a nonprofit organization that aims to educate the public and policymakers about the need to strengthen national nutrition policy so that it is founded upon a comprehensive body of conclusive science, and where that science is absent, to encourage additional research.

A low-carb enthusiast, Hallberg practices what she preaches by living a ketogenic lifestyle, and her TEDx Talk, “Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Starts With Ignoring the Guidelines,” has been viewed more than 5.4 million times.

Hallberg’s credentials include the following: Board Certified Internal Medicine by American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified Obesity Medicine by American Board of Obesity Medicine, Board Certified in Lipidology by American Board of Clinical Lipidology, and ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certified.

She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in kinesiology and exercise science from Illinois State University and her degree in medicine from Des Moines University.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the physiology behind a low-carbohydrate diet. 
  2. Identify who may benefit from a low-carbohydrate diet. 
  3. Learn how to have an informed patient-centered discussion about using low-carbohydrate diets to treat diabetes. 


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